Jul 07 , 2020


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Find Out the Recipient’s Style

Choosing a piece of fine jewelry for yourself should be pretty straightforward. Depending on your personal style and lifestyle, you can make a decision on buying something that suits your needs.

If you need recommendations or advice, you can refer to the articles I’ve written about choosing different styles of rings for different types of finger/hand sizes, finding earring designs to suit different faces and even the meaning behind various shapes of gemstones.

However, when you are buying jewelry for someone else, that’s when things will get a little more tricky. You would need to find out the recipient’s preferences and get them something that fits their lifestyle.

For example, you probably want to find out how their wardrobe looks like or the type of daily routines the person has in order to select an appropriate type of jewelry for them. If the recipient is someone who is more flashy, a pair of loop earrings would be a better choice than a pair of plain studs.

It’s important to get details of your recipient’s preference so that you will be able to make better purchase decisions and buy a piece of jewelry that they will like and want to wear.

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